Article Writing: The Lottery Mentality

Article Writing: The Lottery Mentality

The lottery mentality is something we all understand, but how does that apply to article writing? It’s quite a lot!

The answer is obvious:

If I continue to buy tickets, then eventually I will win. . .

If I win the lottery . .

It will be here soon. . .

It must be won by someone. . .

Living on hope and prayer and spending more money to chase a dream. They will one day be millionaires. You know what? It’s not possible! Powerball has a chance of winning around 1 in 146,000,000, and the UK lottery is only 1 in 14,000,000. It’s likely that you will  5 bandar togel terpercaya never win Powerball. I’ll sue you if it happens!

What does this have to do with article writing and marketing? People keep believing that one day they will be able to make money online. They will eventually find the secret formula that works for them.

You have a chance of it happening, but you must get up and do the work. This is true for both article marketing and internet marketing in general.

The lottery mentality can have some kind of result when it comes to article writing, but not article marketing. You might be right if you continue writing articles in the hope of making your fortune. This is a better chance than winning the lottery. How do you explain that?

Let’s take a look at what you can achieve by writing articles.

– You create content that other people might use on their sites.

– You offer information that may persuade people click on your site to find out more.

– Your name will be spread and you may eventually get recognized.

– Links back to any directories or websites which publish your articles.

Google will show you if a directory article is included.

If you believe that you can win the lottery if it’s hard enough, you might be able to make money with articles. Why? Articles work all year, not just week after week.

You have the same chance of winning a lottery ticket every week, but you will only get one million tickets per week. Write more articles each week and your power will increase. They won’t lose their power the day after they are written, but will continue to improve in effectiveness.

Imagine that every lottery you purchased was still in operation and that you had a greater chance of winning each one. This is what articles do. All you need to do to create them. You will increase your chances of success online by completing as many as possible in as little time as possible.

Don’t wait and sit still. Get involved and start writing articles. This is the best way to get free advertising on your website.

But is there a problem? How to do it. There are good, bad and best ways to create articles. Every person is different, so it wouldn’t be helpful to give a course about how to write articles. There are tips and tricks that you can use to improve your writing and to make your articles more widely distributed through all directories.

This is the key word: “read”. There are many ways to make your articles read. Here is one tip:

Some people are short-attention span, while others prefer to read longer articles. They believe the longer the article, the more they will learn. The latter is you. To cater to the remaining 50% who prefer shorter articles, I also submitted a 500-word non-duplicate version of this 832-word article to all the same directories. Why not? The submission is completely free and takes only 15 minutes.

This is foresight and a way to get your article seen by as many people possible. These are just a few of the many tips, but there are also fundamental principles that most people don’t know about. These are the things you need to learn and acquire the lottery mentality to be successful with articles.