Subway Tile Designs – Backsplashes With a Classic Wall Look

Subway Tile Designs – Backsplashes With a Classic Wall Look

Mosaics are one of the best ways to transform a kitchen or bathroom. Mosaics allow designers, architects and homeowners the ability to add a unique finish or touch to their home. Mosaics are commonly available in glass or stone. Many glass mosaics are simple 1×1″ and 1×2″ formats on a mesh mosaic, different colors or a single color glass can add a perfect touch to a kitchen backsplash or color in a bathroom.

Stone mosaics come in more complex arrangements.  faux brick backsplash One of the most sought after is stone marble and Carrara marble with a white base and random streaks of gray is at the top of the marble list. Carrara marble mosaics come in Hexagon 1″ mosaic, Hexagon 2″ mosaic, Carrara Herringbone and Carrara Basketweave mosaic to name a few.

The Carrara hexagon gives a very retro classic look when used on the bathroom floor. Areas less than seventy square feet should consider the use of the 1″ Carrara hexagon and areas greater than seventy square feet should consider the 2″ Carrara Hexagon. One of the other popular designs is the Carrara Basketweave used as an insert on a marble tiled floor. The Basketweave creates an almost rug looking effect on the floor and then a small mosaic insert on the shower wall can create a artistic flowing effect.

Along with the standard glass and stone mosaic there are stainless steel metal mosaics. Stainless steel metal mosaics are popular due to the modern look they can create in a kitchen or bathroom. The look in the kitchen is popular as it follows the same design and popularity of stainless steel appliances. In a commercial or residential setting metal mosaics in a 1×2″ brick, penny rounds or thin brick edger create an instant add of creativity. Homeowners, architects or designers can use stainless steel metal mosaics as an insert or an entire backsplash.

Mosaics whether metal, stone or glass is the perfect ecommerce purchase for homeowners. They can ship UPS ground as the mesh mounted nature of the product provides flexibility so the product would not snap and break in transit. Buying mosaics online gives a better selection, generally higher quality and certainly less expensive than a traditional boutique tile and stone retailer store.

Online retailers are not restricted by the small retail spaces of traditional tile and stone retailers, retail spaces are expense more so than out of the way warehouse locations that can be stocked full of mosaics for a fraction of the cost. Retailers have to devote their space to displays this is more interesting for consumers in there catchment area but meaningless for the majority of customers that have no ability to travel the distance and visit. That is where the virtual online stores come into their own, providing customers with a lot more choice and ultimately better value.